[Mauiusers] Node Sets and vanishing Features

Eirik Thorsnes eirik.thorsnes at bccs.uib.no
Tue May 13 11:51:35 MDT 2008

Ansgar Esztermann wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a problem here with node sets; if anyone could advise me as to 
> how to investigate further, I'd be grateful.
> The cluster in question consists of nodes with pair-wise Infiniband 
> connections. Thus, node001 is connected to node002, but jobs spanning 
> two nodes should not be started on, say, node001 and node005.
> In order to accomplish this, I've used Node Sets as suggested in the 
> Maui Administrator's Guide, Chapter 8.3:
>> NODESETDELAY 7:00:00:00
>> NODESETLIST twin01 twin02 twin03 twin04 twin05 twin06 twin07 twin08 
>> twin09
> I've then grouped the nodes into pairs ("twins") like this:
>> NODECFG[node001] FEATURES=twin01
>> NODECFG[node002] FEATURES=twin01
>> NODECFG[node003] FEATURES=twin02
> and so on.
> Now, when I restart maui, all nodes have the features [all] and 
> [twinXX], as shown by diagnose -n and checknode. As many queued jobs as 
> possible are scheduled and started, just as I would expect.
> Then, something curious happens: the [twinXX] feature simply vanishes, 
> and no further jobs are started even when the current batch completes 
> execution.
> Any idea on where I should look to solve this problem?


this may be related to a similar limitation in Moab. Have a look in the 
include directory of the maui source for setting of maximum number of 
classes. As I understand it, maui/moab uses classes for other purposes 
than the intuitive "CLASSCFG" and when you run out it will silently drop 
some of the config. Moab has a --with-max-classes config that changes this.

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