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Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Thu Jun 26 07:38:04 MDT 2008

Ronny T. Lampert wrote:

> Please note that ANY! newer jobs that might trigger preemption will NO
> LONGER WORK with this setup, since maui is only using its scheduling
> algorithms on those 50 jobs.
> Same with higher prio jobs or similar that will/must/should be executed
> You essentially turn your setup into a "50 jobs a at time" batching
> system.
> So, depending on your needs you should increase the max_queueable.
> Before maui I managed to run a heavily patched pbs_sched (early torque
> releases) with I think around 20k+ jobs queued.
> After that I abandoned that setup because I needed preemption (sorry, no
> docs left from that time).
> I had maui running with 10k+ jobs (and changed the #define so it would
> consider 8K instead of 4K jobs for real scheduling), but it's not nice
> and it'll eat memory like it's sugar (500MB+ RSS).
> And I still think scheduling over 8K jobs is far too less for such a
> system.
> Because ATM I no longer have this setup in operation I did stop working
> privately on maui to remedy those shortcommings.

Excellent comments Ronny, thank you.

Jeremy Mann
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