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Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Thu Jun 26 07:36:18 MDT 2008

Steve Young wrote:

> I had a similar situation with a user submitting 7,000 jobs at a
> time. Like you point out maui can't seem to keep up with scheduling
> all of them. After posting to the list it was suggested that I create
> a routing queue in torque:
> create queue physics
> set queue physics queue_type = Route
> set queue physics acl_group_enable = True
> set queue physics route_destinations = pompeii
> set queue physics enabled = True
> set queue physics started = True
> Then for the destination queue pompeii I put in the following rule:
> set queue pompeii max_queuable = 50
> This setup is working well. Torque manages to keep 50 jobs in the
> pompeii execution queue at all times. Maui is happy since it doesn't
> have to go through thousands of jobs each iteration, which it
> couldn't run anyhow due to lack of resources. (I wish we had
> thousands ;-)).

I was doing something similiar when using pbs_sched but figure Maui was
more robust and could handle the extra jobs. I will try this with Maui.

> As for having two separate instances of torque/maui I'm not sure why
> you would want to do this? Are they load balanced  or something? One
> instance of torque/maui should be able to handle everything you need
> plus you won't have this confusion of keeping track of multiple
> binaries/installations.

We want to do this because it was our only solution. We want the low
priority queue to always run regardless if there is an existing job
running on that node. Once Maui/PBS take a node for a job, that's it,
nothing else can execute on it.

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