[Mauiusers] problem assigning account to class

Virendra Pratap. Singh vpsingh at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Jun 17 23:00:19 MDT 2008

Hi All,


   I am using Maui 3.2.6p19. I am trying assign account to classes. But
it doesn't seems to work. This is how I am trying to do:


CLASSCFG[<classid>] ADEF=acct1


I am trying to implement fairshare policy within my cluster and the
FSTARGET have been defined per account basis.




The profiling for the account has been enabled too.




However when I try to do 'mdiag -f' it does not shows any usage
percentage against the account acct1. It does shows the target value but
not the usage.


I am trying to assign a bunch of classes (queue's) to an account and
have fairshare enabled per account. Any pointers/ideas why the default
(ADEF) assignment of account to classes not working via the above config



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