[Mauiusers] Maui and PBSPro 8

Pascal Jermini pascal+maui at infinity.ods.org
Thu Jun 5 15:12:04 MDT 2008

Dear all,

we are trying to use Maui 3.2.6p19 with PBS Pro 8.0.6 as our RMS. It looks
like there's some kind of problem when communicating to PBS the list of
selected compute nodes. In the logs of Maui we have the following lines:

06/05 22:08:31 MPBSJobModify(125,Resource_List,Resource,blade002+blade001)
06/05 22:08:31 WARNING:  cannot set job '125.CALLISTO' attr
'Resource_List:select' to 'blade002+blade001' (rc: 15014 'Illegal attribute or
resource value Resource_List.select')
06/05 22:08:31 ERROR:    cannot set hostlist for job '125'
06/05 22:08:31 ALERT:    cannot start job 125 (RM 'CAL1' failed in function
06/05 22:08:31 WARNING:  cannot start job '125' through resource manager
06/05 22:08:31 ALERT:    job '125' deferred after 6 failed start attempts (API
failure on last attempt)

I'm suspecting that Maui is simply not compatible with PBS Pro 8 (does it even
work with PBS 7.x? Last references of success seem to be with version 5.2 of
PBS Pro).

Any input or experience with PBSPro 8?



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