[Mauiusers] submission hosts

Daniel Bourque dbourque at weatherdata.com
Wed Jul 23 11:42:48 MDT 2008

I have not been able to get that to work either ( getting same ruserok() 
failed error )

The only way I found to allow compute nodes to submit jobs is either 
defined them as submit_nodes in qmr , or to add to the /etc/hosts.equiv 
on the headnode.

btw, rsh or ssh is not used when submiting jobs outside the head node, 
ruserok() is called directly by pbs_server

hope that helps

Daniel Bourque
Sr. Systems Engineer
WeatherData Service Inc
An Accuweather Company

Naveed Near-Ansari wrote:
> Hi,
> i would like to make all nodes in my cluster submission hosts. I have
> run the following on the headnode and restarted maui and pbs_server:
> Qmgr: set server allow_node_submit=True
> when submitting from a node i get the following:
> [naveed at compute-11-2 new]$ /opt/torque/bin/qsub example-script-mpich 
> qsub: Bad UID for job execution MSG=ruserok failed validating
> naveed/naveed from compute-11-2.local
> Is there some way to get this working without rsh?  Am i missing
> something?
> Thanks.
> Naveed
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