[Mauiusers] Compiling maui on Mac OS X

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Mon Jul 14 12:28:56 MDT 2008

Is there any intention of making maui build on Mac OS X?  Even after 
substituting GNU sed for Apple's bsd sed, I still got a make error after 
the configure for maui-3.2.6p19.  Out of paranoia that I might be doing 
something wrong, path-wise, I even renamed /usr/bin/sed to 
/usr/bin/sed.apple, but ... no joy.

My Makefile.in's line 28 looked like this:


After looking at a relevant sed script building section in the configure 
script, I put each @XXXX@ expression on its own line.

After reconfiguring, the make worked.

Kevin Murphy

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