[Mauiusers] queue node assignments not working as i expect

Michael Galloway mgx at ornl.gov
Fri Jul 11 19:50:09 MDT 2008

good day all, i've having a little trouble partitioning out a couple of queues
on this cluster. i have maui  3.2.6p19 and torque 2.3.1. this is what i've done:

create queue annotate
set queue annotate queue_type = Execution
set queue annotate acl_host_enable = False
set queue annotate acl_hosts = compute-0-0.local compute-0-1.local compute-0-2.local compute-0-3.local compute-0-4.local compute-0-5.local compute-0-6.local compute-0-7.local compute-0-8.local compute-0-9.local  compute-0-10.local compute-0-11.local compute-0-12.local compute-0-13.local compute-0-14.local compute-0-15.local compute-0-16.local compute-0-17.local compute-0-18.local compute-0-19.local compute-0-20.local compute-0-21.local compute-0-22.local  compute-0-23.local compute-0-24.local compute-0-25.local compute-0-26.local compute-0-27.local compute-0-28.local compute-0-29.local compute-0-30.local compute-0-31.local compute-0-32.local compute-0-33.local compute-0-34.local compute-0-35.local compute-0-36.local compute-0-37.local compute-0-38.local compute-0-39.local compute-0-40.local compute-0-41.local compute-0-42.local compute-0-43.local
set queue annotate resources_default.nodes = 44
set queue annotate resources_default.walltime = 01:00:00
set queue annotate enabled = True
set queue annotate started = True


create queue md
set queue md queue_type = Execution
set queue md acl_host_enable = False
set queue md acl_hosts = compute-0-44.local compute-0-45.local compute-0-46.local compute-0-47.local compute-0-48.local compute-0-49.local compute-0-50.local compute-0-51.local compute-0-52.local compute-0-53.local compute-0-54.local compute-0-55.local compute-0-56.local compute-0-57.local compute-0-58.local compute-0-60.local compute-0-61.local compute-0-62.local compute-0-63.local compute-0-64.local compute-0-65.local compute-0-66.local compute-0-67.local compute-0-68.local
set queue md resources_default.nodes = 24
set queue md resources_default.walltime = 12:00:00
set queue md enabled = True
set queue md started = True

when i send jobs to either queue, i sometime, but not always, get jobs running on nodes that are not in the acl_hosts lists:

qsub -q annotate base.pbs 

Allocated Nodes:

i must have something set incorrectly, but i cannot see it. any help appreciated! thanks!

-- michael

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