[Mauiusers] how to set maxwcperuser

Jim Albin jim_albin at nrel.gov
Wed Jul 9 09:38:46 MDT 2008

I am running Maui 3.2.p8 and would like to set a wall clock policy to
limit the wall clock aggregate time a user can have queued or running.

Setting MAXWCPERUSER 9600:00:00 in maui.cfg doesn't seem to work, it is
not listed using showconfig -v and seems to have no effect.

Setting USERCFG[DEFAULT] MAXWC=9600:00:00 seems to block everything,
possibly because all users have accumulated more time than the limit. 

Could someone post an example or advice to show how to do this please?
Thanks in advance.

Jim Albin <jim_albin at nrel.gov>

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