[Mauiusers] Allocating Nodes

bkovacs at fusiongeo.com bkovacs at fusiongeo.com
Mon Jul 7 16:15:17 MDT 2008

As of right now I have my scheduler working to when the user specifies how
many nodes they would like to use, it assigns them to that exact number of
nodes and then reserves each entire node for that job until it is done. I
need this for important jobs some users will need to run lamboot and
mpirun on. I would also like to have to where I can specify how many
processors to use with out having to specify the number of nodes. For
example, if I wanted to run it on 50 processors is there a way for me to
say something like ppn=50 and for MAUI to find the nodes it can run the
job with all these processors on?
Thank you,

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