[Mauiusers] Torque and Maui

David Schibeci dschibeci at ccg.murdoch.edu.au
Thu Jul 3 20:25:48 MDT 2008

I'm trying to get Torque and Maui running on our HPC.

I have installed Torque 2.3.1 using:
./configure --prefix=/opt/torque/2.3.0

I have installed maui 3.2.6p20 (I have tried p19 as well) using:
./configure --prefix=/opt/maui/3.2.6p20 --with-spooldir=/var/spool/ 
maui --with-pbs=/opt/torque/2.3.1 --with-gold

I started torque using:
/opt/torque/2.3.1/sbin/pbs_server -S 42559

and maui has been configured with:

# Resource Manager Definition


However everytime I qsub a test job I get

07/04 10:18:33 INFO:     connect request from
07/04 10:18:33 INFO:     received service request from host 'xe'
07/04 10:18:33 INFO:     client socket from 'xe' accepted
07/04 10:18:33 UIProcessCommand(S)
07/04 10:18:33 MSURecvData(S,5000000,TRUE,SC,EMsg)
07/04 10:18:33 MSURecvPacket(10,BufP,9,NULL,5000000,SC)

07/04 10:18:38 MSUSelectRead-select failed
07/04 10:18:38 WARNING:  cannot receive message within 5.000000 second  
timeout (aborting)
07/04 10:18:38 ALERT:    cannot determine packet size
07/04 10:18:38 ALERT:    cannot read client packet
07/04 10:18:38 MSUDisconnect(S)

in the maui logs.

Someone else seemed to have the same problem, but there was no reply  
on the list.

Can anyone help?


David Schibeci
Senior Systems Administrator
Centre for Comparative Genomics
Murdoch University
South Street
Murdoch WA 6150

Phone: 61 8 9360 2492
Fax: 61 8 9360 7238
E-Mail: dschibeci at ccg.murdoch.edu.au

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