[Mauiusers] per-queue group priority setting

Corey Ferrier coreyf at CLEMSON.EDU
Thu Jul 3 08:41:48 MDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 01:21:47PM -0600, Peter Ruprecht wrote:
>I'm running maui 3.2 as a scheduler for torque 2.1.8.  Suppose I have
>two queues, called "xeon" and "opteron".  Also, there are two groups
>of users, called "smith" and "jones".
>I'd like both groups to be able to submit jobs to either queue, but for
>the smith group to have higher default priority on xeon, while jones
>has higher priority on opteron.
>Is there some combination of QOSCFG, GROUPCFG, and PRIORITY that will
>enable this?  For example if I use just
>GROUPCFG[smith]       PRIORITY=20000
>there's no indication of which queue it applies to.
>Thanks for any suggestions,

Would this work?

CLASSCFG[xeon]       QLIST=xeonprio:normal
CLASSCFG[opteron]    QLIST=opteronprio:normal

QOSCFG[xeonprio]     PRIORITY=20000
QOSCFG[opteronprio]  PRIORITY=20000
QOSCFG[normal]       PRIORITY=1

GROUPCFG[smith]      QDEF=xeonprio    QLIST=xeonprio:normal
GROUPCFG[jones]      QDEF=opteronprio QLIST=opteronprio:normal

- Corey

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