[Mauiusers] per-queue group priority setting

Peter Ruprecht ruprech at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Wed Jul 2 13:21:47 MDT 2008


I'm running maui 3.2 as a scheduler for torque 2.1.8.  Suppose I have
two queues, called "xeon" and "opteron".  Also, there are two groups
of users, called "smith" and "jones".

I'd like both groups to be able to submit jobs to either queue, but for
the smith group to have higher default priority on xeon, while jones
has higher priority on opteron.

Is there some combination of QOSCFG, GROUPCFG, and PRIORITY that will
enable this?  For example if I use just

GROUPCFG[smith]       PRIORITY=20000

there's no indication of which queue it applies to.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Peter Ruprecht
U. of Colorado

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