[Mauiusers] insufficient idle procs available ?

Jan Ploski Jan.Ploski at offis.de
Tue Jan 29 13:36:00 MST 2008

Itay M wrote:
> 'ncpus' still exists but only in 17 'old' jobs - ones that were 
> submitted before we made the 'unset' change. I guess I should wait until 
> these will end and re-test the system?

Possibly, but rather unlikely...

> diagnose -n says for example, on node28 :
> node28         Busy   0:4     2926:3950        1:1        3871:7641    
> 1.00 DEFAUL [NONE] DEF   2.19 002 [heavy_2:4][light_4:4][b_que   
> [DEFAULT]                      [NONE]
> WARNING:  node 'node28' has more processors utilized than dedicated (4 > 2)
> -----                     ---   6:86   72602:98716      26:26     
> 142420:212774
> But this node is running 2 jobs which both does not have 'ncpus' 
> settings if I use qstat -f on them.

Can you also report the output of checkjob and diagnose -j on these 2 
jobs? Do they also have the MEM requirement?

> About the MEM requirement: do you mean to unset it to? other than that 
> we don't use any MEM requierment in our qsub script.

Well, it must be coming from somewhere, quite possibly from a default in 
the queue or server configuration. So I'd try unsetting it there. 
However, looking at the diagnose -n output above makes me think it is 
processor related - judging from the 0:4, for some unknown reason your 
jobs consume 2 processors each rather than 1.

Jan Ploski

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