[Mauiusers] maui dies

Jeff DeReus jdereus at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 14:14:42 MST 2008

i am currently running maui v2.2.6p17-snap.1163711909 and torque v2.3 on a
double dual core opteron cluster.  last week maui suddenly began dying and
trying to restart.  if i try to stop maui it will fail (as no process is
running).  also, if i try to restart it manually it will register
successfully but no process, again, will be running.

in the maui logs the service attempts to start but toward the end of the
process all i see that could be of any use to me is

01/28 13:29:21 ServerDemonize()
01/28 13:29:21 INFO:     child process in background
01/28 13:29:21 ServerAuthenticate()
01/28 13:29:21 MFULock(/var/spool/maui/,/var/spool/maui/maui.pid)
01/28 13:29:21 INFO:     parent is exiting

perhaps this is an obvious thought but, if there is a child in the
background the parent should not exit.  this is where i have begun trying to
look for my solution.  i had increased the debug level to gain further
information upon restart but have not seen anything that would be very
helpful.  at least to  me.

i have seen posts related to this topic on the lists but as of yet have not
seen a definitive answer to any posts that would lead me in the right
direction to diagnose the problem.  any help from the community would be

Thank you,
Jeff D
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