[Mauiusers] insufficient idle procs available ?

Jan Ploski Jan.Ploski at offis.de
Thu Jan 24 12:29:44 MST 2008

Itay M wrote:
> I'm a bit confused by the new nifty settings that you've just
> suggested, and by the MAUI/TORQUE relationship with it. Maybe I should
> expand my question:
> We have one MAUI/Torque server with 3 queues. The user groups have a
> MAXPROC soft/hard values (according to our usage policy). Is the
> following configuration suggested?  -
> In qmgr :
> * unset the resources_max.ncpus from both server and queue levels

I don't think resources_max.ncpus really matters, but I do suggest 
unsetting it "just in case" for the sake of troubleshooting your 
problem. I guess that you can set it back afterwards to enforce your policy.

> * unset the resources_default.ncpus from both server and queue levels


> * should I make sure any other settings are unset?

Nothing that I can think of right now. Basically, what we are doing is 
troubleshooting by making your configuration closer to a known working 
one (mine). So if the recommended settings do not work, we can compare 
some more.

> In qsub:
> * Ask the users that needs 4 processors on the same node to use the
> nodes=1:ppn=4 (instead of "NCPUS=4)


> Question is:
> If I remove the resources_max.ncpus from the queue level - how will
> MAUI/PBS know how much procs does the entire cluster has? Should I set
> it somewhere else not mentioned here?

In the server_priv directory of the TORQUE installation there is a file 
named 'nodes' in which the names and features of all nodes should be 
listed. Here are two example lines from our cluster:

node2 np=8 ib quad prod
node3 np=4 ib dual prod

The np parameter specifies the number of processors. "ib", "quad" and 
"prod" are attributes to which you can refer from your resource 
requirements, for example:

-l nodes=1:ib:ppn=4

to request 4 processors on a node with the attribute "ib" (the 
attribute's meaning is "InfiniBand-equipped" in our cluster).

Jan Ploski

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