[Mauiusers] insufficient idle procs available ?

Itay M itaym.tau at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 06:39:29 MST 2008

In qmr, which ncpus did you mean?

        resources_max.ncpus = 94
        resources_min.ncpus = 1
        resources_default.ncpus = 1
        resources_assigned.ncpus = 58

...the default one?
And if I delete it from the qmgr, will there be no
resources_default.ncpus in qstat -f ?

On 1/22/08, Jan Ploski <Jan.Ploski at offis.de> wrote:

> Get rid of the 'ncpus' piece (by changing the job scripts and/or
> server/queue parameters with qmgr). I can't tell you why exactly, but I am
> quite sure that ncpus caused problems for me in the past. I'm also
> completely sure that this attribute is not needed (based on our
> TORQUE+Maui installation, which successfully runs a mix of single and
> multi-processor jobs).
> Regards,
> Jan Ploski

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