[Mauiusers] Most "stable" version of Maui

Michael Barnes Michael.Barnes at jlab.org
Fri Jan 11 06:31:32 MST 2008

Maui users,

I've been trying to upgrade torque and Maui to a x86_64 machine in 64bit
mode, and in testing torque seems fine, but Maui does not.

I've tried gcc 4.1, gcc 3.4, maui maui-3.2.6p13, maui-3.2.6p18,
maui-3.2.6p19 (this last version dumps core on all platforms right after
the 1st or 2nd job AFAIK).

I've got a very old version of torque, and I that is my primary
motivation to upgrade. The OS is older as well, so I thought I might as
well upgrade that. Maui just comes along with the ride.

Some extra info. I'm trying to maintain my fairshare information from
the $MAUI_HOME/stats directory from the 32bit version (actually all of
these files I just copied from the 32bit version).

Also, I've tried adding -D__M64 to the CFLAGS.

I can back off, and do a 32bit OS install if needed (that is what we
have in production now), but everything else we have in production is
going towards 64bit.

Another piece of info. I've hacked torque server to do a database query
to check that a user is really in the account that they are trying to
charge to before the job gets submitted to the queue, otherwise it gets
rejected. I doubt I added any kind of bug in torque that is propogating
to Maui, but I've also backed off and tried a stock install of torque,
with the same maui problems.

I've tried so many things, that at this point if I got it to work, I
would have a hard time remembering what made it to work :)

Is there a version of Maui that people have in production in the 3.2.6
line on x86_64 systems that seems to be working reliably? If so, could I
have details on the underlying OS and any extras they had to do to get
it compiled and running well.

Many thanks in advance,


| Michael Barnes
| Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
| 12000 Jefferson Ave.
| Newport News, VA 23606
| (757) 269-7634

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