[Mauiusers] Re: [torqueusers] compiling Torque / Maui with 64 bit gcc

Garrick Staples garrick at usc.edu
Wed Jan 9 15:00:00 MST 2008

On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 03:34:36PM -0500, Thomas H Dr Pierce alleged:
> Dear Torque/Maui Users,
> I searched the archives and I cannot find the correct documentation for 
> upgrading to 64 bits.
> Torque 2.1.10  compiled fine and generated 
> torque-package-clients-linux-x86_64.sh, 
> torque-package-devel-linux-x86_64.sh   torque-package-doc-linux-x86_64.sh 
> torque-package-mom-linux-x86_64.sh   torque-package-server-linux-x86_64.sh
> But I cannot find in the archives how to compile maui-3.2.6p19 in 64 bits. 
> It seems to default to 32 bits and then it won't link up with Torque 64bit 
> mom servers.
> So should I recompile Torque as 32 bits?  This is probably the simplest 
> approach and I can link to the older 32bit systems that still exist (and 
> are hard to kill off) but what flag is needed  for configure to make 
> Torque compile 32 bits in the Makefile?

Neither torque or maui default to either 32bit or 64bit builds.  They just get
built by your compiler.  Your compiler has a default arch.  If you are building
both packages with the same flags, then they should have the same arch.

The following should build to the desired arch:
./configure CC="gcc -m32"
./configure CC="gcc -m64"

The torque tarball has some notes in the 'INSTALL' file.  Also, for 64bit
machines, consider build torque for both arches and install both client/devel
packages for compatibility.

For Maui, you *must* set -D__M64 when building 64bit.

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