[Mauiusers] standing reservation corruption

Ramon Bastiaans ramon.bastiaans at sara.nl
Fri Feb 29 07:04:33 MST 2008

We keep on receiving these errors from maui:

event type: RESERVATIONCORRUPTION:  reservation corruption detected in reservation 'express.0.0'  Req/Detected TC 9/2

This is the standing reservation he is talking about:

# express queue
SRCFG[express]          STARTTIME=0:00:00 ENDTIME=24:00:00
SRCFG[express]          PERIOD=INFINITY
SRCFG[express]          CLASSLIST=express
SRCFG[express]          NODEFEATURES=express

In our Torque 'nodes' file we have given 1 node the 'express' feature 
and most of the time it seems to work.
However when the cluster gets full, sometimes more than 1 job/task is 
run in the express queue (while the task and proc count is 1 max) and we 
get the 'reservationcorruption' errors. I can't seem to figure out what 
is causing this..

Anyone have any ideas? What does the error "Req/Detected TC 9/2" mean?

This is the queue as setup in Torque:

create queue express
set queue express queue_type = Execution
set queue express resources_max.walltime = 00:20:00
set queue express resources_default.neednodes = express
set queue express resources_default.walltime = 00:20:00
set queue express enabled = True
set queue express started = True

Kind regards,
- Ramon.

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