[Mauiusers] FairShare "auth" questions

Bas van der Vlies basv at sara.nl
Thu Feb 14 11:23:45 MST 2008

On Feb 14, 2008, at 4:44 AM, Jim Kusznir wrote:

> Hi all:
> I also have another FAIRSHARE-related question:  how do I
> allocate/authenticate users' group?
> In my situation, I have ~7 research groups that contributed varying
> amounts to build this cluster.  Each research group has multiple users
> in that group, but each user only belongs to one research group (at
> least currently).
> So far, the examples I've seen of FAIRSHARE use the "billing code"
> option to allocate a users' job to a group.  However, its unclear to
> me what happens if a user doesn't specify a billing code, or specifies
> a code to a different group.  Ideally, I'd like a user to belong to a
> specific group and their jobs automatically get counted against that
> group.  If a user happens to be in multiple groups, then they can
> specify a different group (although this is optional).

Maui can also us the unix group as "Billing code"  In the current  
maui code the unix group of a user must be the primary group.
I have written a patch that maui also looks as the secondary groups.   
Search the archives of this mailing list for the patch:
   - Re: [Mauiusers] Maui/Torque and Fairshare with secondary Unix  

I can also send the patch or modified sources.

> Is this, or something similar doable?
Yes look at Fairshare for Groups

> Thanks!
> --Jim
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