[Mauiusers] Need to partition or allocate nodes to queues?

Greenseid, Joseph M. Joseph.Greenseid at ngc.com
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Can you submit a job to a specific queue and get the correct resources (i.e. with "#PBS -q altix" as a PBS directive in your script, do you get altix nodes)?


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Hi All,

I am not sure if this is a torque or Maui question, so please forgive the crosspost. :}

I used to do this blissfully boringly using acl_hosts.  Something has changed and this is not working anymore between torque 2.1.x and now.  I have the following:

torque 2.3.5
maui 3.2.6p21

I have a large cluster with several departments and these departments want to use the nodes they purchased.  In the past, I set up a queue for each of these departments and I assigned nodes to the queues in torque.  Has the way to do this changed?  I have seen several messages lately from folks no longer able to get it to work...  
I am not married to this method and will happily implement any method that will keep my (hundreds) of users separated and on their own nodes.  I do not want them to have to change their scripts.  These are heterogeneous, too, so it is not just a policy thing - the infiniband jobs won't run on the non IB nodes, and the some are 8proc, some are 2, etc.

I have tried the "neednodes" method.  It did nothing.

I've been trying to do partitions in Maui and that seems to be ignored as well.  This is a 64 bit system, by the way.

Can anyone point me to modern documentation on how to partition the nodes?  

I tried defining attributes in "nodes" under server_priv:
node74 np=2 noib
node75 np=2 noib
node76 np=2 altix
node77 np=8 altix
node78 np=8 hiio

And then I have in my torque config, something like:
# Create and define esmg08q
create queue esmg08q
set queue esmg08q queue_type = Execution
set queue esmg08q resources_max.cput = 10000:00:00
set queue esmg08q resources_max.ncpus = 179
set queue esmg08q resources_max.nodect = 22
set queue esmg08q resources_max.walltime = 10000:00:00
set queue esmg08q resources_min.cput = 00:00:01
set queue esmg08q resources_min.ncpus = 1
set queue esmg08q resources_min.nodect = 1
set queue esmg08q resources_default.neednodes=altix
set queue esmg08q resources_min.walltime = 00:00:01
set queue esmg08q resources_default.cput = 10000:00:00
set queue esmg08q resources_default.ncpus = 8
set queue esmg08q resources_default.walltime = 100:00:00
set queue esmg08q acl_logic_or = true
set queue esmg08q acl_groups = esmg
set queue esmg08q acl_groups += admin
set queue esmg08q acl_group_sloppy = true
set queue esmg08q acl_group_enable = true
set queue esmg08q enabled = True
set queue esmg08q started = True

- From this I see in maui a line in showconfig:

maui]# /usr/local/maui/bin/showconfig | grep esmg

So I was hopeful!  But it ignores it and doesn't assign the nodes with the altix attribute?  No matter what I do, I always get the first nodes and in order.  Like it is reading from a machine file that I don't know about...  I do get 8 proc nodes if I ask for nodes with 8 processors, I do get whatever node I ask for in my submit script.  I literally lets me request any node I want, no matter which user I am or which queue I submit to.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks all for your help.

-Jennifer Tippens
Really Sleepy Admin, ORNL Institutional Clusters

Use it up; wear it out; make it do or do without! - L Reid

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