[Mauiusers] MAUI not responding - "lost connection to server"

Greenseid, Joseph M. Joseph.Greenseid at ngc.com
Mon Dec 15 12:03:11 MST 2008

it says ok for when it is starting up.  does it not actually start?  is there a maui process running after you do this?


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Subject: [Mauiusers] MAUI not responding - "lost connection to server"

I have a strange situation :
when i try to restart the maui server i have :
[root at grid01 /]# service maui restart
Shutting down MAUI Scheduler: ERROR:    lost connection to server
ERROR:    cannot request service (status)
Starting MAUI Scheduler:                                   [  OK  ]

The same with firewall down.
as configuration i have this :

[root at grid01 maui]# cat maui.cfg
# MAUI configuration example

SERVERHOST              grid01.spacescience.ro
ADMIN1                  root
ADMIN3                  edginfo rgma edguser
ADMINHOSTS              grid01.spacescience.ro
RMCFG[base]             TYPE=PBS
SERVERPORT              40559

# Set PBS server polling interval. If you have short # queues or/and
jobs it is worth to set a short interval. (10 seconds)

RMPOLLINTERVAL        00:00:10

# a max. 10 MByte log file in a logical location

LOGFILE               /var/log/maui.log
LOGFILEMAXSIZE        10000000
LOGLEVEL              1

# Set the delay to 1 minute before Maui tries to run a job again, # in
case it failed to run the first time.
# The default value is 1 hour.

DEFERTIME       00:01:00

# Necessary for MPI grid jobs

Any ideas why it is not working? how can i debug this further?
is there a requirement of something to be in /etc/hosts ?
Thank you,

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