Michael Schliephake schliephake at hlrs.de
Fri Aug 29 12:02:57 MDT 2008


if the Parameter JOBNODEMATCHPOLICY is not defined, Maui is able to pack 
jobs onto nodes with multiple processors:

    qsub -l nodes=8

will use only one node if there are nodes with 2x quadcore cpu's.

   qsub -l nodes=4:ppn=2

works well too: 4 nodes with 2 cores (=entries in PBS_NODEFILE).
This is fine for all ppn>1.

   qsub -l nodes=8:ppn=1

works not well in my point of view: One node with 8 entries in 

But I requested explicitely 8 nodes with ppn1. I would like to have a 
behaviour: packing if ppn not specified, no packing if ppn specified (for 
ppn=1 too).

Is it possible to get this?

Best regards,
Michael Schliephake

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