[Mauiusers] varying fsweight by class?

Greenseid, Joseph M. Joseph.Greenseid at ngc.com
Thu Aug 28 05:24:44 MDT 2008

Right now, we have a single work queue (using Torque 2.1.8-3), and we calculate priority with Fairshare and Expansion Factor (maui 3-2.6p19-8).
Users have been asking about setting up a test queue so they can run small, short jobs to test if their stuff is configured properly.  We were thinking that the easiest way to give the test queue jobs a priority bump was if we could up the Fairshare weight for jobs in that queue.  Is there a way to set FSWEIGHT via CLASSCFG?  I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to do what I was thinking.
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