[Mauiusers] How does Maui view a node that has hit maxcpu

Rob Lines rlinesseagate at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 08:29:02 MDT 2008

We have a number of nodes that have software that is not able to be
run through the queueing system.  For those nodes we have set a max
cpu of just a bit less than the number of cores so that when that
software runs other jobs are not queued to those nodes.  That software
is only used a few days out of the month most of the time.  What we
are wondering is how does Maui view those nodes during that time.  For
a node that has jobs running it looks at the wall time and  knows how
long the node will be busy.  For the ones that are just at max cpu how
long does it assume that the node will be busy?  Does it schedual
assuming that the node will be busy forever and just updates when the
node drops back down to allow jobs to run or does it assume that it is
busy now but will be available the next schedualing cycle then update

We are only wondering as we are starting to get larger cpu jobs
rolling in at the same time and I want to know what behavior to
explain to the users is happening.


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