[Mauiusers] User-specified priority

Kamil Kisiel kamil at zymeworks.com
Tue Aug 5 11:09:56 MDT 2008

On 04/08/08 7:52 , "Ronny T. Lampert" <telecaadmin at gmail.com> wrote:

>> We¹re using Maui with Torque. Is there any way for users to prioritize their
>> own jobs when submitting? qsub appears to have a ­p switch that should
>> achieve this, but I can¹t find any way to factor this in to scheduling
>> equation.
> Read the following for full info on how the priority calculation works:
> http://www.clusterresources.com/products/maui/docs/5.1.2priorityfactors.shtml
> In short, you have to set
> in maui.cfg
> 1 means the priority goes in with factor 1 into the equation.
> If you're also doing QOS you should set QOSWEIGHT to a higher factor
> QOSWEIGHT               3
> Cheers,
> Ronny

I'm not sure if this really answers my question. I've read the documentation
before (and re-read it again) but it's not very specific. Will this allow
users to prioritize their jobs (eg: the user submits 10 jobs, 2 of which
should be preferred to run over the other 8). Will this CREDWEIGHT be
applied to the priority specified with -p when submitting with qsub? Or
which sub-factor does it affect?


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