[Mauiusers] mpiexec: resolve_exe: No such file or directory BUT file exists?

t.peter.Mueller at gmx.net t.peter.Mueller at gmx.net
Tue Apr 29 09:34:06 MDT 2008


sorry in advance if this is a trivial question, I didn't find any answer in search engines ...

- Here my setup:
I want to run my own Java code on a small size cluster. The code I use does not parallize well, but I have to apply my code onto several different independent problem sets. The cluster has the Torque batch system installed. The minimum amount of nodes to be used is 8. I wrote a small parallel C++ program (I compiled it with MPICH) which executes 8 different Bash scripts. In each Bash script I start my Java code (as single cpu job) with the corresponding problem set.
I installed the Java run time environment in my home folder which is also mounted on the cluster nodes. This means on the cluster node I have access to the executable in my home folder. The setup works in general, I can submit my C++ program to the cluster, it is executed properly. The Bash scripts are executed on the cluster nodes. From the bash script I can start programmes from my home folder.

- My problem:
>From the Bash script I can't execute JAVA code :-( . I get the following error:
        mpiexec: resolve_exe: using absolute path "/home/user9/monteCarloSim/mcTest3.out".
        /home/user9/bin/bashScript1.sh: line 8: /home/user9/opt/jre/bin/java: No such file or directory

For testing I tried just a "java -version" this also cased the above error. But on the cluster nodes the "java" in my home folder is visible.
If I execute "ls -lah ~/opt/jre/bin >>~/output.txt" in my Bash script the Java executable is visible.

- I already tested:
  * The Bash script are executed from the cluster job scheduler with my user-id.
  * I have read, write and execute permissions for the Java installation in my home folder.

I have no clue where the problem could lie?

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