[Mauiusers] make install bug -> no stats dir -> MStats.statfp = mlog.logfp = crash!

Randall C. O'Reilly Randy.OReilly at colorado.edu
Sat Apr 19 23:10:26 MDT 2008

I finally figured out why our maui was crashing periodically upon job 
completion.  The chain of events as reconstructed goes like this:

1. make install creates 2 directories like this in /usr/local/maui:


instead of the individual directories in the list.  this happens with the 
following commands:

mkdir -p /usr/local/maui/{bin,sbin,include,lib}
mkdir -p /usr/local/maui/{log,traces,stats,spool,tools}

these work if I type them at the console but somehow during the install the {} 
are not getting properly unquoted or something.  This is on a Kubuntu Feisty 
or Gutsy system.

2. src/moab/MStats.c has a line of code in MStatOpenFile(), line 1524 that 
uses mlog.logfp as a fallback if it can't open the stats file (e.g., because 
the stats dir does not exist):

    MSched.statfp = mlog.logfp;

3. When the log file gets rolled over (especially if you happend to have set 
LOGLEVEL to 3 or something verbose like that), the statfp is not updated 
along with it, so it ends up pointing to a dead file pointer.  When a job 
terminates and stats are written to statfp, maui crashes.

So, it seems like this fallback is probably not a good idea -- it should just 
terminate with a clear error message in the log file if it can't open the 
statfp, so that the user knows that this needs to be fixed in their setup.

Also, the make install bug needs to be fixed in some way -- I'm not a script 
code expert but this would seem to be relatively straightforward.  Not sure 
why it would only be happening on my system.

- Randy

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