[Mauiusers] Preempted jobs cannot restart because some nodes taken already.

David Corredor tecnico at nsstc.uah.edu
Wed Apr 16 10:47:43 MDT 2008


   Using maui v.3.2.6p14

      preempted jobs (suspended) don't keep some sort of reservation on 
those processors originally used but that are idle at the time because 
the preempte didn't request them all.


   I have the preemptionpolicy set to suspend and I can have low 
priority jobs suspended when a high priority one is submitted. The 
problem I have though is that generally the high-priority ones don't use 
as many nodes/procs as the other jobs, so a job running on 40 processors 
gets suspended by another one using just 5 or 10, which is OK but I 
would like to somehow keep those remaining idle processors reserved so 
that the preempted job can restart when the other preemptor finishes. 
I'm missing something in the configuration I guess because those idle 
processors are being taken by other jobs (high and low priority alike), 
so the originally preempted job can never start because not all of its 
processors are returned at the same time.

   Say I start with a configuration from scratch, what parameters should 
I be looking at for setting this up correctly ?



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