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Joshua Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Wed Apr 16 10:46:53 MDT 2008

The Sourceforge Maui is not affiliated with Cluster Resources, Inc. or Supercluster.org. An
independent individual created the Sourceforge Maui project. Previous attempts to remove the project
from Sourceforge (especially now that it is apparently abandoned) have failed. Removing the project
would help in decreasing confusion that many people have when they come across it in Sourceforge,
but we have little power to do so.

Charles Johnson wrote:
> I visited the SourceForge site for maui, and there seems to be nothing
> happening there. Is there a maui developer group? Is there a feature
> request list that is being worked? Is there a bug track visible? I see
> patches being offered, which is great, but is there a group vetting them?
> Here at Vanderbilt we are using moab-5.1.0p9 and torque-2.3.0. However,
> I am evaluating maui-3.2.6p19 (adding a patch for sprintf) coupled with
> torque-2.3.0 on our 14 node test cluster. If there is anyway I can
> contribute, I would happy to do so: documentation, patch testing, etc.
> Any feedback would be appreciated.
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