[Mauiusers] Running Maui (3.2.6p19) with large queues (10000 jobs +)

Peter van Heusden pvh at sanbi.ac.za
Wed Apr 9 07:53:58 MDT 2008


Here at SANBI we have some bioinformatics software which submits very
large collections of jobs to the batch queue - 11 per sequence, so for a
file of 1000 sequences, that's 11 000 jobs. To cope with this, I've
increased the MMAX_JOB to 32768 in includes/msched.h.

However, Maui isn't behaving well. The scheduler crashes from time to
time, at other times it seems to stop responding to clients (eg. showq),
or not scheduling new jobs.

Does anyone have tips on tuning Maui to handle a workload like this?

P.S. the environment is SLES 10 on an IBM p690 with 128 GB of RAM and 32
POWER4+ processors.

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