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----- "Arnau Bria" <arnau at emergetux.net> wrote:

> but as we have many nodes, and we can add/remove depending on its
> hw status, we were wondering if is there any way of relation between
> node properties and partitions. I mean:
> then in maui.cfg say "every node with proper1 belongs to part1" ...

Not that I am aware of.

> And one other little thing. In doc (is clusterresources.com down?)
> defines the partition and later defines this:
> SYSCFG[base]     PLIST=
> what the purpose of that line?

That's the default list of partitions that users will
have access to.

So you can have a partition of nodes that are only
accessible to certain users or groups by omitting it
from that statement and then adding it specifically
to a list for them using USERCFG or GROUPCFG.

This is what we're doing at the moment with our
AMD Barcelona B3 upgrade so we can test them before
putting them into production.

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