must remove nodes=1 - WAS: [Mauiusers] Node idle but load is HIGH

Jan Ploski Jan.Ploski at
Fri Sep 28 10:06:56 MDT 2007

"Toni L. Harbaugh-Blackford [Contr]" <harbaugh at> schrieb am 
09/28/2007 04:28:16 PM:

> The problem is "nodes=1".  With "nodes=1", all cpus from the "ncpus=100"
> setting MUST be on the same node.  Do you have nodes=1 in your qmgr 

No, and sorry for the confusion. The qstat -f entry which contains nodes=1 
is not from the job which fails to start. It is from a job which Maui 
thinks is a runaway process (and there nodes=1 is quite legitimate, as it 
is a single-CPU job).

I'm juggling two different threads here, on two different topics...

Best regards,
Jan Ploski

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