[Mauiusers] Requesting a given number of processors

Egor Tur worldeb at ukr.net
Fri Sep 28 09:03:10 MDT 2007

 Hi folk.

>   > > However, it still doesn't allocate correctly. I now tried with
>   > > ncpus=9, which is more than the number of processors in any single
>   > > node:
>   > 
>   > Ahh, as I said previously, you can't use ncpus as that's only for 
>   > requesting CPUs on a single CPU box.
> That is incorrect.  ncpus will work across nodes - I've done it.

It is interest. If you have done it, please show your config of torque server/queue or maui scheduler.
I have same problem and I cannot find solutions.
I want create the queue with 4 CPU for example on my 50 nodes cluster with 2 CPU on each node.
This must be any 4 CPU in cluster. But I can run jobs if I specify nodes in batch script (as -l nodes= option) 
for this 4 CPUs. In other case jobs are always Queue state and don't run. This queue plane using only for
parallel jobs on 4 CPUs.


>   > 
>   > You need to do nodes=9 to get what you need..

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