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Steve Traylen steve.traylen at cern.ch
Thu Sep 13 01:44:39 MDT 2007

On Sep 12, 2007, at 10:51 PM, Josh Butikofer wrote:

> Steve,
> Maybe I'm crazy, but that is the way that Maui snapshots used to  
> work. Several in the community
> asked that we instead start releasing snapshots of patches BEFORE  
> the patches were released. After
> several snapshots of the next patch were deemed stable and  
> complete, then we stop releasing
> snapshots and release a finished patch. You can see that we started  
> this back in January of this year.

Hi Josh,

  I don't think you are crazy. :-) It is good that intermediate  
snapshots are released of course. Just
  how they are named I was querying.

  I was suggesting the release order goes like


  rather than the current


  the advantage I see of the first is that with a `sort -n` of the  
version numbers in the .tar.gz files they appear
  in chronological order. In particular if you put in an RPM .spec file.

  Version: 2.6p19-snap1

   then this will be correctly upgraded  to

  Version: 2.6p20

   when it is released. With the current listing this does not happen  
and say
   Version: 2.6p21-snap-2
    can not be upgraded to
    Version: 2.6p21

  since it is apparently older.

  To me it makes sense but as you say maybe others think differently?


> A quote form an e-mail I sent dated 1/18/2007:
> "Note that we now officially release
> a Maui patch only after the snapshots for that particular patch  
> prove to be stable and we feel that
> enough fixes/features have been rolled into them to warrant a new  
> release. Thus patch 19 is not yet
> listed as officially released, but snapshots for that patch are  
> already available. Snapshots always
> have the most up-to-date bug fixes, so we recommend trying them out  
> if you experience problems with
> older versions of Maui."
> If there is an overwhelming need/demand to change releases back to  
> the way they used to be done, we
> will be happy to do that. Until that is the case, however, we would  
> like to continue releasing Maui
> with the current snapshot->patch model. Unfortunately, I think  
> there are going to be community
> members that stand on both sides of the issue.
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> Steve Traylen wrote:
>> Hi
>> Currently
>> maui-3.2.6p20-snap.1182974819.tar.gz
>> is
>> maui-3.2.6p19.tar.gz
>> plus some patches.
>> It has been requested at least a  couple of times before and I  
>> think at
>> one point  someone agreed to change it
>> for upcoming releases so that instead the intermediate snapshots  
>> would be.
>> maui-3.2.6p19-snap.1182974819.tar.gz
>> which would be maui-3.2.6p19.tar.gz plus some patches.
>> With the current numbering scheme it makes snapshots newer than
>> the next released update maui-3.2.6p20.tar.gz
>> Please could this be considered.
>>   Steve
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