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Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Wed Sep 12 14:51:35 MDT 2007


Maybe I'm crazy, but that is the way that Maui snapshots used to work. Several in the community
asked that we instead start releasing snapshots of patches BEFORE the patches were released. After
several snapshots of the next patch were deemed stable and complete, then we stop releasing
snapshots and release a finished patch. You can see that we started this back in January of this year.

A quote form an e-mail I sent dated 1/18/2007:

"Note that we now officially release
a Maui patch only after the snapshots for that particular patch prove to be stable and we feel that
enough fixes/features have been rolled into them to warrant a new release. Thus patch 19 is not yet
listed as officially released, but snapshots for that patch are already available. Snapshots always
have the most up-to-date bug fixes, so we recommend trying them out if you experience problems with
older versions of Maui."

If there is an overwhelming need/demand to change releases back to the way they used to be done, we
will be happy to do that. Until that is the case, however, we would like to continue releasing Maui
with the current snapshot->patch model. Unfortunately, I think there are going to be community
members that stand on both sides of the issue.

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Steve Traylen wrote:
> Hi
> Currently
> maui-3.2.6p20-snap.1182974819.tar.gz
> is
> maui-3.2.6p19.tar.gz
> plus some patches.
> It has been requested at least a  couple of times before and I think at
> one point  someone agreed to change it
> for upcoming releases so that instead the intermediate snapshots would be.
> maui-3.2.6p19-snap.1182974819.tar.gz
> which would be maui-3.2.6p19.tar.gz plus some patches.
> With the current numbering scheme it makes snapshots newer than
> the next released update maui-3.2.6p20.tar.gz
> Please could this be considered.
>   Steve
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