[Mauiusers] Option -lnodes=<x>:ppn=<y> does not work well

Philippe Combes Philippe.Combes at ens-lyon.fr
Wed Oct 31 15:02:40 MDT 2007

Andrus, Mr. Brian (Contractor) a écrit :
> Have you tried with a space after the l?
> "-l nodes=1:ppn=2"

Yes, and it makes no difference.
I should add that if I use, say -l nodes=3:ppn=2, and that there exist two (and 
only two) nodes wih both CPU free, then qsub gives both processors of these two 
nodes, and two other nodes with one processor each.

When two nodes got free, it started to work, as well as -l nodes=2:ppn=2. So I 
tried with 3 nodes and I got the result described above. I have then submitted a 
-l nodes=1:ppn=2+1:ppn=2, just to see if it could work. The job seems to be 
queued endlessly, whereas a "-l nodes=2:ppn=2" request, queued at the same time, 
soon completed successfully (I mean, with two CPU on two nodes).
Does it sounds odd to you ?

> Does it behave as expected if you use the torque scheduler?

Is it possible to use the torque scheduler while maui is running ?
I am not the administrator of the cluster, so manipulations can take time as I 
must ask for them by e-mail. Is there any command-line option or environment 
variable to have Torque use its own scheduler ?
If not, is it enough to kill the maui server ?
In both cases, there will surely be a problem with running jobs : they cannot be 
taken into account in the new sheduling computations, can they ?

Thanks for your concern,


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