[Mauiusers] Option -lnodes=<x>:ppn=<y> does not work well

Philippe Combes Philippe.Combes at ens-lyon.fr
Wed Oct 31 03:05:33 MDT 2007

Hi all,

After having read extensiveley TORQUE and MAUI documentation, I do not
understand why I still cannot get the option "-lnodes=<x>:ppn=<y>" to work as
The only related thing I found was the parameter JOBNODEMATCHPOLICY of the MAUI
server. I set it to EXACTNODE, as told at

I run TORQUE 1.2 with MAUI 3.2.6 on the (Mandriva) head node of a 32-biprocessor
node cluster.

When using, for instance,
  qsub -I -lnodes=1:ppn=2
if there is no node with 2 CPU available, then I get 2 different nodes, whereas
I would expect my job to be queued until there exists one node with both CPU free !

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks !

PS: Please join my e-mail address in replies, I did not subscribe (yet) to the
mailing list.

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