[Mauiusers] Maui vs pbs_sched

Andrus, Mr. Brian (Contractor) brian.andrus at nrlmry.navy.mil
Mon Oct 29 16:46:47 MDT 2007

Ok, I have been playing with my maui.cfg and found one tidbit that may

If I have ANY RMCFG entry in my maui.cfg, everything runs but only on a
single node.
If I comment out my RMCFG entries, everything queues up, but will run as
requested when I issue a 'qrun' on the job.

current maui.cfg:
ADMIN1                  root
ADMINHOST               cluster0

SERVERHOST              cluster0
SERVERPORT              40559

# Set PBS server polling interval. Since we have many short jobs
# and want fast turn-around, set this to 10 seconds (default: 2 minutes)
RMPOLLINTERVAL        00:00:10

# a max. 10 MByte log file in a logical location
LOGFILE               /var/log/maui.log
LOGFILEMAXSIZE        10000000
LOGLEVEL              3


SCHEDCFG[cluster0]      SERVER=cluster0:40559
ADMINCFG[cluster0]      USERS=root
#RMCFG[cluster0]                TYPE=PBS
#RMCFG[cluster0]                HOST=cluster0
#RMCFG[cluster0]                SBINDIR=/opt/torque/sbin

Current torque config:
create queue medium
set queue medium queue_type = Execution
set queue medium Priority = 30
set queue medium max_running = 4
set queue medium resources_max.ncpus = 16
set queue medium resources_max.walltime = 04:00:00
set queue medium resources_default.mem = 768mb
set queue medium resources_default.ncpus = 2
set queue medium resources_available.ncpus = 30
set queue medium enabled = True
set queue medium started = True
# Set server attributes.
set server scheduling = True
set server max_running = 30
set server default_queue = short
set server log_events = 0
set server mail_from = unix-admin at cluster0
set server query_other_jobs = True
set server resources_default.ncpus = 1
set server scheduler_iteration = 60
set server node_check_rate = 150
set server tcp_timeout = 6
set server log_level = 7
set server pbs_version = 2.1.9

Is there a particular RMCFG setting that is necessary to have jobs run
instead of being queued? Or one that will ensure the jobs are run on all
the nodes requested?

Finally, what in particular should be in the brackets [ ] portion of the
RMCFG entry? I am using my cluster name for now.

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> I am still having great trouble with this.

Can we also see 'echo p s | qmgr'?

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