[Mauiusers] Re: [torqueusers] Suspend instead kill

Jacques Foury Jacques.Foury at math.u-bordeaux1.fr
Fri Oct 26 08:48:05 MDT 2007

Albert Shih a écrit :
> Hi all
> I using Torque with Maui. What's I want is when a user use more proc/mem he
> specified in pbs file the job is...suspend.
> I've put in my maui.cfg
> but the job is never suspend it's just killed....and that's not good
> for me.

what's strange is that we do use this feature here, and it works 
perfectly, the jobs are suspended !

Can you tell us your linux version, your maui version and the way you 
installed your torque/maui software (from sources, from a package...) ?

I forward this to maui list.


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