[Mauiusers] time-shared queue.

Egor Tur worldeb at ukr.net
Tue Oct 2 05:24:38 MDT 2007


Are there possibility to create time-shared queue?

For example, I create queue with 8 CPUs on 4 nodes. Each nodes have 4 CPUs.
server_priv/nodes file have :ts attribute for all nodes and np=2

Queue have next attributes:
create queue cpu8
set queue cpu8 queue_type = Execution
set queue cpu8 resources_default.nodect = 8
set queue cpu8 resources_default.nodes = node001:ppn=2+node002:ppn=2+node003:ppn=2+node004:ppn=2
set queue cpu8 enabled = True
set queue cpu8 started = True

When I submit jobs to this cpu8 queue these jobs always have Q status and not running.

In maui log in this case:
10/02 12:23:42 MPBSJobModify(3730,Resource_List,Resource,node001+node002+node003+node004)
10/02 12:23:42 ERROR:    job '3730' cannot be started: (rc: 15062  errmsg: 'Unknown node  MSG=job allocation request exceeds
available cluster nodes, 8 requested, 0 available'  hostlist: 'node001+node002+node003+node004')
10/02 12:23:42 MPBSJobModify(3730,Resource_List,Resource,node001:ppn=2+node002:ppn=2+node003:ppn=2+node004:ppn=2)
10/02 12:23:42 WARNING:  cannot start job '3730' through resource manager
10/02 12:23:42 ALERT:    job '3730' deferred after 1 failed start attempts (API failure on last attempt)

When I remove :ts attribute from nodes file (in this case I have ntype of queue is cluster) jobs are submitting and running.

I look for in google, but I see that there are questions about this, but not answers.




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