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Douglas Wightman wightman at clusterresources.com
Thu Nov 29 13:09:27 MST 2007

The showstart command will show the starttime of the specified job *IF* 
it were the next job to run.  You are correct that this does not take 
into account other idle jobs and the order of the idle queue.

If you're interested, Moab has 3 options for showstart:

normal (same that you get with Maui)
priority (this is what you are asking for, showstart examines the job in 
relation to other jobs in priority order)
historical (based on the size and duration of the job)

- Douglas

Steve Young wrote:
> Thanks Ake,
>     I guess what I was getting at is I would expect that this would show 
> the start time like it does for the first idle job in the list. Then add 
> 500 hours to those numbers and show that information for the next idle 
> job in the list. Then keep repeating that same idea for each job in the 
> list. There is no way that the last idle job can even start or complete 
> in the timeframe it is telling me since I know it has to process the 
> jobs in front of it first. I realize there are a lot of variables, a job 
> can only take 10 hours as opposed to 500 or whatever but in essence what 
> I'm getting at is given the numbers it should at least figure out that 
> the last job in the list would start in 500 hours X 32 jobs = 16,000 
> hours more than what it tells me for the first job in the list. Does 
> that make sense?
>     What I am trying to do is show that if it is going to be 22 months 
> before the last job can run that perhaps the user might want to shuffle 
> the requests around on his job to use more resources so that the jobs 
> complete sooner. Especially now since we have a lot more idle resources 
> at the moment. thanks,
> -Steve
> On Nov 29, 2007, at 2:28 PM, Åke Sandgren wrote:
>> On Thu, 2007-11-29 at 14:20 -0500, Steve Young wrote:
>>> I just noticed this and wanted to post to see if this still an issue
>>> or perhaps it has been fixed now.
>>> I don't use it very much but I was using the showstart command to
>>> look at a couple jobs to see when they might be done running. First
>>> let me explain how the jobs are set up. A user has like 30 jobs in
>>> the queue. All of them are set up to go to one specific machine using
>>> the #PBS -l host=<machinename> directive. Each job is running for 500
>>> hours so it might be some time before they are all finished. Anyhow,
>>> I ran the showstart command on the first idle job in the showq list
>>> and the last idle job in the showq list. Here is the output:
>>> [root at jake ~]# showstart 48542
>>> job 48542 requires 2 procs for 20:20:00:00
>>> Earliest start in      20:09:26:14 on Wed Dec 19 23:26:38
>>> Earliest completion in 41:05:26:14 on Wed Jan  9 19:26:38
>>> Best Partition: DEFAULT
>>> [root at jake ~]# showstart 48574
>>> job 48574 requires 2 procs for 20:20:00:00
>>> Earliest start in      20:09:26:14 on Wed Dec 19 23:26:38
>>> Earliest completion in 41:05:26:14 on Wed Jan  9 19:26:38
>>> Best Partition: DEFAULT
>>> Both jobs show the same dates. So it would appear to me that
>>> showstart can't really predict when the job can run. It can only
>>> predict when the next job will be able to run? Anyone run into this
>>> before? Thanks,
>> Exactly, showstart gives you an estimate of the "Earliest start" for the
>> job. It doesn't try to predict the future :-)
>> Trying to predict the actual start time is an almost impossible task.
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