[Mauiusers] Maui ignores FLAGS in CLASSCFG

Jan Ploski Jan.Ploski at offis.de
Thu Nov 22 04:27:09 MST 2007

"Niels Carl W. Hansen" <recnh at cscaa.dk> schrieb am 11/22/2007 12:05:01 PM:
> > I'd like jobs submitted to queue 'test' to run only on node45, jobs
> > submitted to other queues to never run on that node. Are there any
> > approaches which don't require use of the flaky ADVRES flag?
> You can do this in torque. Let the node have a property, say 'test',
> and do in qmgr:
>     set queue test resources_default.neednodes = test

But then the other queues will still be able to place jobs on that node. 
Well, I guess I can set neednodes = prod for every other queue to get the 
desired behavior. Thanks!

Best regards,
Jan Ploski

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