[Bulk] Re: [Mauiusers] Torque + Maui post installation problem

Luca Telloli lucatelloli at yahoo.it
Wed Nov 21 02:13:28 MST 2007

	thanks for your answer. 

> > I didn't find any hint for error 15003 so I'm asking if anybody has any
> > idea about it. If it's a PBS related issue, what can be wrong? 
> Is maui running as a manager?  ie, if maui is running as user "maui", then
> "maui at localhost" or "maui@<fqdn>" will have to a server manager in qmgr.

Yes, this condition is satisfied: maui is running as user 'x' and
there's both entries (x at localhost, x@{fqdn}) in qmgr, so I'm still
confused on a possible solution :( 


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