[Mauiusers] Torque + Maui post installation problem

Luca Telloli lucatelloli at yahoo.it
Mon Nov 19 11:02:23 MST 2007

Hello everyone, 
	I'm trying to install Maui + Torque on an experimental 3 nodes cluster,
but I'm having problem and I haven't been able to find a solution yet. 

I installed Torque and I run pbs_mom with custom ports (10551 & 10552)
on the three nodes to comply to local firewall policies. On one of the
three I've installed pbs_server and properly configured it, in such a
way that pbsnodes -a always gives me a meaningful output. 

Then I installed Maui from scratch on the same node of the pbs_server; I
run it and it seems to work properly (for example, bin/showconfig shows
the expected output). 

But when I run a job, specifically a test job like echo "sleep 30"|qsub,
it remains queued on the pbs queue (in state Q) and displays the
following warning on the MAUI log: 

11/19 18:10:11 WARNING:  cannot set job '25.svr3.com' attr
'Resource_List:neednodes' to 'svr1.com' (rc: 15003 'Cannot set
attribute, read only or insufficient permission

Then, in the maui view of the queue it's "deferred". 

I didn't find any hint for error 15003 so I'm asking if anybody has any
idea about it. If it's a PBS related issue, what can be wrong? 


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