[Mauiusers] Understanding diagnose -r

Jan Ploski Jan.Ploski at offis.de
Sat Nov 10 16:35:55 MST 2007


I'm trying to understand the output of diagnose -r. First, for every job 
submitted by Globus, an entry like this one is presented:

361802                      Job DEF   -00:32:41    10:47:19     11:20:00 
    1    1    1
     ACL: JOB==361802=
     CL:  JOB==361802 USER==dgad0005 GROUP==ad CLASS==dgiseq QOS==dgiseq 
DURATION==11:20:00 PROC==1
WARNING:  reservation '361802' has 1 proc(s) allocated but 0 detected

What does the last line mean?

Moreover, I tried to create a reservation of a single machine, which is 
reported as follows:

ib.2                       User DEF   -00:01:55     3:58:05      4:00:00 
    1    1    8
     Flags: PREEMPTEE
     ACL: RES==ib= CLASS==ib+
     CL:  RES==ib
     Task Resources: PROCS: [ALL]
     Attributes (HostList='node1'   MaxTasks=1)
     Active PH: 0.11/0.30 (37.50%)
WARNING:  reservation 'ib.2' has 8 proc(s) allocated but 5 detected

Again, what does the last line mean? This 8-processor machine is 
currently occupied by 8 jobs (which were allocated to it before the 
reservation). I cannot make any sense of the '5 detected' part.

I also don't understand "MaxTasks=1".

The output of diagnose -r ends with

Active Reserved Processors: 164
WARNING:  reservation table is corrupt:  active procs reserved does not 
equal active procs detected (164 != 74)

Should I be concerned about this? (I guess I should... earlier during 
the day, jobs were apparently assigned to machines ignoring a queue in 
ACL of a reservation.) Several other people have asked about it before, 
but Google recorded no answers, unfortunately. The documentation of 
diagnose -r consists of just an uncommented example. Can you help?...

Jan Ploski

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