[Mauiusers] Re: mauiusers Digest, Vol 39, Issue 18

Philippe Combes Philippe.Combes at ens-lyon.fr
Thu Nov 1 04:52:54 MDT 2007

Justin Finnerty a écrit :
> Hello Philippe,
>>    1. Option -lnodes=<x>:ppn=<y> does not work well (Philippe Combes)
> I am very surprised and a little worried by your observation as it would
> break many applications that set their node/cpu utilisation statically.

It is so basic an issue, that I guess it is not a bug in torque or maui, but a 
configuration problem on our cluster.
I am just asking for help to understand what is wrong in our configuration.

> What torque mode (cluster or time-shared) are you running the nodes in?
> We use "cluster" mode and we have never observed the behaviour you
> describe.  (This mode means that we only ever have one job on a node at
> a time.  However, we have 2 and 4 cpu nodes and a 4 cpu/node job has
> never been split over two 2 cpu nodes.)

I did not know how to get the torque mode easily. After little googling, I 
eventually 'tried' pbsnodes -a and checked ALL nodes had 'ntype = cluster' 
BUT all nodes are described with 'np=2' in /var/spool/pbs/server_priv/nodes.
Is it uncompatible ?

Actually we do not want jobs to block both CPUs if they only need one, so that 
other jobs can use the second CPU of one node. But when requested, we would like 
it possible to block both CPU of affected nodes.
Is it the behaviour of your cluster ?
If not, is it just possible ?

> I also saw in one email the -I option used, does this effect the
> allocation?

Not at all.

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