[Mauiusers] Resources problem : cannot select job 62

Daniel Boone daniel.boone at kahosl.be
Wed May 16 00:48:32 MDT 2007

Because I forgot to sent this mail to the mailing list, I'm forwarding
every mail regarding this issue

Your memory is overcommitted

The checknodes says you only have 2GB per proc which means that:

> #PBS -l mem=15500mb

can never be satisfied.  I don't know why torque/maui accepts these jobs
but it does.  Any job in "Deferred" state tends to mean that memory is
overcomitted. If you are going to use swap then you need the following to
be in physical limit of memory

> #PBS -l mem=6000mb

And add

#PBS -l vmem=15500mb

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