[Mauiusers] Standing reservations and MOM restarts - Bug?

Jay Srinivasan jay at nersc.gov
Wed Mar 28 01:16:16 MDT 2007


In moab/MRes.c in the MNodeUpdateResExpression() routine (around line
4075 in Maui-3.2.6p19), the check for MaxTasks and TaskCount, which is

if ((R->MaxTasks > 0) && (R->TaskCount >= R->MaxTasks)) continue;

I think, will check to see if the task count for the SR is more than the
SRMAXTASKS parameter and then continue to the next SR and not update the
current SR with the node(s) in the RegExp under consideration.

But, in Maui atleast, it does not seem that the SRMAXTAKS parameter is
even honored (nor do setres or MResCreate() even take it as a
parameter), and so it seems that MaxTasks is always zero in this case
for SRs.

Thus, everytime a pbs_mom is recycled, this routine ends up adding the
node that just came up to the SR nodelist, whether the node was on the
list originally or not. This results in the SR gradually growing in size.

I think the fix for this is to simply check for a possible MaxTasks
value of 0 as well, i.e.

if ((R->MaxTasks >= 0) && (R->TaskCount >= R->MaxTasks)) continue;

Could someone who has a better knowledge of Maui internals please
confirm that this is the case or let me know if I am not correct?



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